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is the ONLY Safe, Secure & Profitable investment In The World

is the ONLY Safe, Secure & Profitable investment In The World

About Us

ASIPFund was established by a group of well-resourced and experienced real estate investors from United States to assist potential, motivated and existing real estate investors across the entire United States, Canada & Mexico to succeed in their real estate investment dreams. We have CASH for all your real estate deals in US, Canada & Mexico.

  • We pay Top Cash to Buy any type of house and can close as fast as within 3 days without any fee paid by the Seller.
  • ASIPFund have access to over $50 Billion Private funds available for all your real estate investment deals nationwide and Canada starting as low as 5.25% interest only Hard Money loans payable from 6 months to 30 years.
  • ASIPFund is ready to funds for all your real estate deals from $20k to $50 million within 72 hrs depending on the transaction or real estate project.
  • We buy as it is or in any condition.

ASIPFund is formed by a group of well-resourced, experienced and successful real estate investors which offers the following:


ASIPFund Buys any type of investment properties nationwide with any condition,


ASIPFund finance or provide private/hard money loans for all investment properties nationwide from $20K to $50 million,


ASIPFund partner or accept investments and profitably grow your wealth from 10% to 20% annually depending on the real estate investment program chosen.



These and other great investment opportunities are on our tables right now. We invite you to invest in any of this even with no money down. Tell us your interest and we shall assist you to achieve your real estate dreams.

Top 15 Benefits of investing in Real Estate

  • 1.Owning Property Generates Wealth
  • 2.There’s a potential for a Huge Rate of Returns
  • 3.You Can Generate Passive Income
  • 4.You Can Build Equity for the Future
  • 5.You Can Enjoy Tax Benefits
  • 6.You Can Enjoy the Portfolio Diversification Benefits of Owning a Physical Asset
  • 7.It Can Be an Alternative Means of Saving
  • 8.Real Estate Can Be a Stable Investment with On-going Income
  • 9.The Value of Real Estate Appreciates Well Over Time
  • 10.Real Estate Is Easy to Finance & Provides Leverage
  • 11.Real Estate Investing Is a Hedge Against Inflation
  • 12.You Can Help Provide a Home for Others
  • 13.Real Estate Can Never Be Worth Nothing
  • 14.Real Estate investment also help provide jobs to local community
  • 15.About 90% of the World Billionaires are real estate investors
  • Join the Club today.

    It does not require only money to start investing in real estate in today’s real estate markets.

    Facts About Real Estate investment:

    Investing in real estate is the most Safe, trusted, Secure, dependable, reliable and profitable investment all over the WORLD. Real Estate is the only best investment worldwide with some of the above 15 TOP benefits:


    Real Estate Based

  • Purchase for Fix & Flip
  • Refinance for Rate & Term
  • Refinance with Cash Out for Vacations, College etc
  • Investment Properties
  • Blanket Loans (More than one property)
  • Corporate and LLC Business Loans
  • Hard Money Mortgages (For tougher credit scenarios)
  • We Save you from Foreclosures

    No other Cash Buyers or investors can compete with our Top Cash when it comes to Cash Buying. Our Group have been in this business for over twenty-five (25) years. When it comes to CASH Buying, you can count on us on the following:

  • Top Cash Today
  • Cash for any condition (As-is)
  • No fee, No Agent
  • Very short time closing
  • Stop Foreclosure for Cash
  • Hassle-Free
  • We buy in ALL States
  • Higher prices than others
  • We don’t turn down any house
  • SIPFund group buy houses fix them or remodel for rentals or resell. We have enough cash to buy any property in any State. Just call us, send text or email us today and we shall get back to you within 24 hours

    ASIPFund Loan Programs

  • Over $50 Billion Private investment capitals to fund any of your real estate deals nationwide and Canada.
  • Unlimited Private money for ALL potential and experience Real Estate investors.
  • Bad Credits or No Credit are Approved!!! We are Assets Based Lenders and Not and Not on Credit.
  • All investment properties above $20k qualified.
  • Private Loans for purchase and rehab (Fix and Flip). Payable in 6–24 months interest only loans.
  • Investment Rental Property Funds for
      Long Term Hold for Single Asset.
      Buy and Hold interest only Loans.
      Any commercial properties Loans for long term 6 months to 30 years interest only payment.
  • Some of the real estate businesses ASIPFund finances in Nationwide & Canada are:

    1. Residential Investment Properties
    2. Multi-Family
    3. Studio
    4. Mixed-Use
    5. Mobile Home Parks
    6. Gas Stations
    7. Car Washes
    1. Single-Use/Special Use
    2. Non-Conforming Properties
    3. Fitness Clubs
    4. Condominiums
    5. Office Buildings
    6. Mixed-Use
    7. Apartments
    8. Industrial
    1. Factories
    2. Retail Centers
    3. Medical Buildings
    4. Nursing Homes
    5. Car Parks
    6. ALL Real Estate Ventures
    7. Automotive Centers


    We buy as it is or any condition
    Is it Car Wash business you want to invest?
    Is it a Gas Station you want to buy?
    Congratulations. You have been Approved!!!

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